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New Apprenticeships Incentive System - 27th April 2022

New Apprenticeships Incentive System

Are you aware of all the COVID incentives available to your business - 20th April 2022

Are you aware of all the COVID incentives available to your business

Important Tax Planning Opportunities to Consider Now - 8th April 2022

Important Tax Planning Opportunities to Consider Now

2022 Federal Budget Information - 31st March 2022

2022 Federal Budget Information

2021 Year End Tax Planning - 24th March 2021

Tax Planning Strategies & Estate Planning Checklist

Important New ATO Guidelines effecting Professional Services Business - 17th March 2021

How the profits are allocated by professional firms has been a particular area of focus for the ATO for quite some time now. The ATO is concerned about arrangements where a taxpayer, who is a partner or owner of a professional practice, receives compensation that is artificially low, arrangements can’t be justified commercially or are considered to exhibit ‘high risk’ features.

For years up to 30 June 2021 the original guidelines require that any one of the following requirements must be met to be ‘low risk’ of an ATO review or audit:
- the individual is assessed and taxed on at least 50% of the total income that they and their associated/related entities are entitled to from the practice; or
- the individual and their associates all have an effective 30% tax rate for their income from the practice; or
- the individual is assessed on income that is at least the remuneration that is paid to the highest level of professional employees providing equivalent services to the firm, or if there are no such employees, their income must be compared to that of comparable firms or relevant industry benchmarks.

The ATO has recently released new guidelines that will apply from 1 July 2021 requiring the partners or owners of professional practices to be sure that all arrangements are commercially-driven and don’t exhibit ‘high risk’ features, and to undertake a risk assessment using a matrix that is based on:
- the profit the individual is assessed on as a percentage of their total profit entitlement and
- the total effective tax rate that they and their associates pay on their total profit entitlement.

There is the option to extend the risk assessment to include the remuneration paid to the individual as a percentage of the commercial benchmark for the services that they individually provide to the firm.

Where a partner or owner has a higher risk under the new guidelines than under the original guidelines, the ATO is allowing a grace period should they choose to modify their arrangements to lower their risk. As an interim measure they can continue to apply the original guidelines until 30 June 2023, provided that their arrangements are commercially driven and are not considered to have ‘high risk’ features.

As you will appreciate these rules are complex and even though they are subject to change before they are finalised we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how these new draft guidelines may impact you, so please feel free to reach out to us.

JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme - 11th January 2021

To encourage employers to create new jobs for job seekers the Government has legislated the JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme that applies to employers who employ new employees from 7 October 2020, provided that both the employer and employee meet all the eligibility requirements.

Under this incentive eligible employers will be paid a $200 weekly incentive payment for each eligible new employee aged 16 to 29 years, or for new employees aged 30 to 35 years the payment is $100 per week.

A number of requirements must be met by employers, including in relation the ‘baseline’ headcount and payroll amount, and employees, including that they must have received either the Parenting Payment, Youth Allowance or JobSeeker Payment for a period prior to starting employment. In addition, eligible employees will need to complete a written declaration to confirm that they are eligible for this scheme, see the ‘JobMaker Hiring Credit Employee Notice’ below:

JobMaker Hiring Credit Employee Notice

Federal Budget Update 2021 - 7th October 2020

The Federal Government tabled their proposed 2020-2021 Budget with a focus on stimulating jobs and the economy post Covid-19. The Budget is largely positive for both individuals and business taxpayers for the upcoming year and includes a raft of spending measures aimed at getting everyone to spend, with the ultimate aim of thereby generating jobs. However the result of this proposed Budget is a deficit of $213.7 billion. The key measures of the Budget are outlined below.

Federal Budget Update 2021

JobKeeper 2.0 - 16th September 2020

The JobKeeper 2.0 rules were released on 15th September 2020 to extend the subsidy and to implement a new 2-tiered payment system and decline in turnover test.

JobKeeper 2.0

JobKeeper Extension Rules Relaxed - 14th August 2020

On 7 August 2020 the ATO announced further changes to the Jobkeeper Payment scheme, a summary of the new rules is attached.

JobKeeper Update - August 2020

JobKeeper to Continue - 22nd July 2020

Please see below a summary of recently announced changes to the Federal Government JobKeeper payment concessions.

JobKeeper to Continue

HomeBuilder Subsidy Fact sheet - 17th June 2020

See below for HomeBuilder Subsidy Fact sheet.

HomeBuilder Fact Sheet

2020 Year End Tax Planning Checklist - 3rd June 2020

See below for 2020 Year End Tax Planning Checklist.

2020 Year End Tax Planning Checklist

It May be a Good Time to Review your Bank Loans to Secure Savings - 30th April 2020

See below for It May be a Good Time to Review your Bank Loans to Secure Savings information.

It maybe a Good Time to Review your Bank Loans to Secure Savings

Commercial Tenancies (COVID-19 Response) Bill 2020 - 30th April 2020

See below for Commercial Tenancies (COVID-19 Response) Bill 2020.

Commercial Tenancies (Covid-19 Response) Act 2020

JobKeeper - Seven Step Process - 23rd April 2020

See below for JobKeeper seven step process.

JobKeeper - Seven Step Process

JobKeeper Guide for Employers by Employinsure - 19th April 2020

See below for JobKeeper guide for employers by Employinsure

JobKeeper Guide

SME Commercial Rental Relief During Covid-19  - 19th April 2020

See below for SME commercial rental relief during Covid-19

SME Commercial Rental Relief During Covid-19

Checklist of Covid 19 Measures  - 17th April 2020

See below for a detailed checklist of Covid-19 Measures

Checklist of Covid-19 Measures

JobKeeper Scheme - 17th April 2020

On 9th April 2020, the Treasurer released the Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) Rules 2020 which sets out the rules for administrating the JobKeeper scheme. You need to act now, as you must lodge before 26th April 2020 to claim the first two fortnightly payments!

JobKeeper Scheme

Business Financial Continuity 10 Point Action Plan - 13th April 2020

See below for a business 10 Point Action Plan

Business 10 Point Action Plan

Individual Financial Continuity 10 Point Action Plan - 13th April 2020

See below for an individual 10 Point Action Plan

Individual 10 Point Action Plan

Thinking About Deferring Loan Repayments? - 13th April 2020

As we grapple with the loss of incomes, many will look to the banks for the repayment holidays being offered by lenders.

Thinking About Deferring Loan Repayments

Investment Strategy Approach - 13th April 2020

It is prudent to review your investment portfolios and speak to your independent specialist investment advisor if you have one.  It is important not to panic and rather, make well considered decisions that are aligned with your long-term plans and your particular circumstances.

Investment Strategy Approach

Client Alert: Cash Saving Measures - 30th March 2020

A number of measures have been announced by the Federal and State Governments, the Banks and also the ATO to support individuals and small business taxpayers to preserve and manage their cash flows over the coming months.

Client Alert: Cash Saving Measures

Government Guarantee Loan Application - 30th March 2020

Steve Vicary, our Director of Maxim Private Finance provides some current commentary on the $250k government backed small business loan initiative.

$250k Government Guarantee Loan Application - What you Need to Know