Our Maxims

The Pegasus stands for wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. Since ancient times, the Pegasus has also symbolized power, speed and imagination. These are the qualities that underlie Maxim Advisory’s business Philosophy.

Maxim stands for guiding principles of reasoning and truth.

Quality Financial Advice is Imperative

Invest in Quality Over the Long Term

Plan for Success

Manage Financial Risks

Leverage Your Capital & Your Time

Pay Yourself First

Control Your Expenses and Minimise Taxes

Maximise your Earnings Potential

These Maxims are not to be taken as personal financial advice and have not taken into consideration your individual financial situation, goals objectives or risks. These are simplified considerations which are not be solely relied upon to meet your personal financial goals. If you would like to receive personal financial advice tailored to your specific needs and based on your current financial position then a suitably qualified and licensed financial adviser can be appointed for you.