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Maxim has a long history of supporting local communities and Western Australians in need. We are proud of the key initiatives that we sponsor below.

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<p style=A recent tragedy for a young mother was the catalyst for Maxim Advisory to recognise that people didn’t know where to turn to or what help was available and a dedicated service for people in hardship was born. While Maxim Advisory has a long history of charitable work with organisations Maxim in the Community is the next step and provides the opportunity for people in hardship to receive licensed and professional advice.

Elizabeth, happily married, 29 years old and had just welcomed, Ivy, her first baby into their family. In 2017 she was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanomas. She has substantial tumours on her Brain, Abdomen, Ovaries, Lungs, Kidneys, Breasts and Liver. If that wasn’t enough, a month later she suffered a stroke and lost the use of her right arm and her speech. Liz has had 4 rounds of Immunotherapy and 5 rounds of Radiotherapy and is still fighting for her life. Like many 29 year olds she had no Wills or Powers of Attorney in place, no idea if she was eligible to access Superannuation or Insurance Benefits, any understanding the tax implications, let alone the time to spare from treatment to complete the process.

Maxim Advisory knew that they could help make all of these issues go away so Liz could focus on her family and her treatment. We are very proud to have Liz as our inaugural client of Maxim in the Community and are privileged to be helping her and her family through such a devastating time.

If you are in hardship, have suffered an unfortunate event through no fault of your own and are in need of support please apply for assistance by contacting us at with a summary of your position. Please note that there are strictly a limited number of clients that Maxim Advisory can take on and clients are chosen on a case by case basis.

Community Education


Maxim Advisory is dedicated to being leaders in education. Education for themselves, their clients and the community. Education is important because it essential for accurate and effective decision making. We are proud to educate our clients so that they understand the advice and strategies presented to them and can make rational well informed decisions that are in their interests. Maxim Advisory run a number of community seminars throughout the year across a range of topics from the Federal Budget updates to retirement planning, wealth creation and workshops for specialist professions such as Medical professionals.

Importantly Maxim Advisory is proud to launch an education scholarship each year for young adults and late teens who have experienced hardship and support them into a professional career. Partnering with Kaplan Professional, an Australia wide education provider, Maxim have committed to providing two scholarships each year. Maxim Advisory is working in connection with a number of youth focused charities across Perth and WA to support disadvantaged children into the workforce and a professional career.

One of Maxim Advisory’s Directors, Michael Ward, was recently recognised for his dedication and passion for education by the Association of Financial Advisers Australia as the National Winner of the Excellence in Education Award.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship please contact us at with a summary of your position and an explanation as to why you should be considered for the scholarship.

Maxim & Charities

Each year Maxim Advisory chooses a number of charities to work with and support. Recently, Maxim Advisory worked with the Australian Doctors to Africa and was a participant and sponsor at their event held at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club. Other charities Maxim have supported include;

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Youth Focus – Ride for Youth – Albany to Perth bike ride.
  • Children’s Christmas – Sharon to provide you with details

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